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tuffy.jpg (27610 bytes)Welcome to the Ozzispot Dalmatian Web Page, and thanks for taking the time to browse thru. Firstly let me Introduce our family and tell you a little about us and our history. We are The Irvings, and in our family there is Terry, Sandra, and two daughters  Rachael  and Krystie. We live on a 1 acre block, approximately 15 kms north of Rockhampton on the beautiful central coast of Queensland.


We have had quite a history of dogs beginning with an Old English Sheep Dog,"Pandabear Sugar Plum CDX". in the early 1980's. "Tuffy" as he was affectionately known had a limited show career but was excellent at obedience. He was part of our family for 13 wonderful years and saw the arrival of our two daughters, all of whom were inseparable. After the death of Tuffy, we thought long and hard about what sort of dog to get as a replacement , and after much research we purchased a Dalmatian our first, "Dalendobe Star Approval" AD CDX who arrived at our household like a bombshell, our lives would never be the same.......and they haven't.

We did a limited amount of showing with "Appro" as we named him, but were to find out that his talent was in the obedience ring and he quickly gained his CD.,CDX., and AD. title and is on his way to his ADX title. "Appro" was the first Dalmatian in the state of Qld to gain the title of AD (Agility Dog). Our eldest daughter Rachael was keen to get a dog of her own to show so we purchased a lovely black Cocker Spaniel, CH Arrunga Accolaide, from Noel Boddy in Brisbane. "Pepsi" turned out stunning in the ring and attained his title by 17 months. "Pepsi" is now retired and lives a live of luxury chasing the numerous birds around the acre, sleeping, eating and still being groomed to look beautiful. In 1996 we purchased the second of our Dalmatians from Brewen Dalmatians, a lovely little bitch, "Gr Ch Brewen Wicked Waze CD ET SD GD SPD ADX JDM ", for our second daughter, Krystie. They were both introduced to the show ring at the same time and have achieved wonderful results together since then. One being Challenge Bitch and BOB in 2000 and  reserve Challenge Bitch at the 1998 and 2001 Brisbane Royals and in the same year Krystie Attaining 1st in the Senior section of the Pal Junior Handlers, State runner up as a thirteen year old. Recently Krystie achieved Challenge Bitch and Best Of Breed with "Bonnie" at "The County Of Cumberland Show in Sydney and 4th in Open Bitch Class at the Sydney Royal. In November 2002 Bonnie was awarded 1st in Aust Bred Bitch class out of 26 dogs at the Dalmatian National in Melbourne. In 2003 & 2004 Bonnie achieved Challenge Bitch & RUBIS at the DAQ Qld Specialty Shows. Recently Bonnie went VETERAN IN SHOW 2007 Qld Specialty Show.

After the retirement of Pepsi from the show ring we purchased a 2 year old Dalmatian Dog. "CH Brewen Fire Blade ET" for Rachael to show, and even though he was a very difficult dog to show initially, Rachael has worked very hard and now "Magoo" as he is known as, has attained his title and one of his best achievements to date would be a double Best In Show in Rockhampton in 2002., along with his numerous Group and in show awards, Dog Challenge and RUBOB at the Brisbane Royal in 2000 and 2001 and 2002. He also received a 22 pt challenge at Durack last year. "Bonnie" also received a 21Point challenge at the same show, Maree Kennel Club. "Magoo was placed 2nd in Aust/Bred class at the Dalmatian National Show and 4th in Open Class Dog at The Sydney Royal in 2000. Magoo is now retired. 1998 saw us apply for a Prefix, and with much deliberation we put down out list of preferred names and sent them off.  We were lucky enough to get our first choice and hence "OZZISPOT  DALMATIANS" was born.

At the beginning of 1999 we had our first litter of puppies.  Sire: Ch Jentily Nelson Be Ce,  Dam: Gr Ch Brewen Wicked Waze CD ET SD SPD ADX JDM.  We ended up with 8 lovely black spotted Dalmatians in the study. It was a wonderful time in our household, but sad to see them leave for their new homes. We did keep one lovely boy GR CH Ozzispot Wicked T Xtreme CDX  ET GDX SDX SPD JDO JDM4 ADO ADM2  or "Harley" as he is known as.  He is already doing fine in the show ring with Eight "Best In Show" Wins and Nine  RUBIS & 56 BIG awards to date. " Harley "gained his Championship title at the age of 15 months and his Grand Title as a 4 year old dog. Harley Is Australia's Greatest Ever Agility Dalmatian.

Harley Passed Away in early 2012. May he RIP with his Mum and all his other Family.

Well this is not the end of our extended family as we now have Bred some lovely Dogs now Showing with one Supreme Champion to date and another Boy & Girl doing very well in both Comformation and Agility hope you will now be able to browse through the rest of the photos etc and know a little about each that you see.  For our rest and relaxation the Irving's and their extended family can be seen any day of the week, swimming in the nearby creek, riding bicycles with dogs trotting beside or surfing the waves at the closest beach.  So you can see it is not all hard time in the show or obedience ring for the dogs.

Obedience is an important part of our Dalmatians Week.  Every Tuesday and Thursday nights they all load into the trailer and off to the park for the weekly lesson, Obedience and Agility.  

As you can tell our life revolves around our extended family and we wouldn't want it any other way..........VBG

" Pepsi "



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